Louis Stokes Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Scholarship

Intended to help economically and educationally disadvantaged students attain an education at Case Western Reserve University, the Louis Stokes Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Scholarship offers a full-tuition award, renewable for up to five years or the completion of the undergraduate degree; a grant of up to $2,500 to cover the purchase of a computer and books; and assistance securing a paid summer internship. 

Student Information and Eligibility
Eligibility: All first-year students and transfer students from community colleges.

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Essay Requirements and Topic
Word Requirement: 250 - 500 words

Louis Stokes played a pivotal role in the quest for civil rights, equality and social and economic justice throughout his tenure in the United States Congress. Describe your role in improving race relations, bridging social/economic gaps, or fostering a culture of equality in your school or community. Please provide insight into how your personal background influences your motivations and decisions.