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A.W. Smith Innovation Scholarship

The A.W. Smith Innovation Scholarship seeks to identify students with the potential for significant innovation in the fields of engineering or science. Two full-tuition scholarships are awarded to students who show exceptional achievement in hands-on engineering or science through the presentation of a "project." 

Student Information and Eligibility
Eligibility: First-year applicants in engineering, the physical sciences and mathematics

*indicates a required field
Student Information
Contact Information
Mailing Address*

Application Requirements
Students must submit a "project" that demonstrates exceptional achievement in hands-on engineering or science. A student will meet this requirement by submitting their "project" in one of the following presentation formats:
  • Youtube or Vimeo Video (3 minutes): submit link
  • PDF slides (no more than 10): upload below
Projects must be solely the work of the applicant; no team projects are allowed. Students may elect to submit a project they have completed for another contest, but research papers will not be considered.

Finalists will be invited to a required on campus competition in March to determine the winners.