Schedule an Interview

Connect with one of our admission staff over a web hosted platform. Incoming first-year students should schedule an interview after the conclusion of their junior year in high school and before or near the application deadline. Incoming transfer students may schedule an interview at any time.

Interviews are an opportunity for a student to present themselves and their credentials in a one-on-one environment and to further illuminate aspects of their academic background or character presented as part of the application for admission. Interviews also provide students an opportunity to ask personalized questions about Case Western Reserve's programs and undergraduate experience.

Interviews typically last about 30 minutes. In order to prepare for your interview, we encourage you to think about your experiences in high school and your interests for college—the kinds of things an interviewer might ask you about—and prepare some questions of your own.

Please note: if there are no interviews showing as available, it is due to very high demand. You are welcome to check back to see if there have been cancellations or if any additional availability has been added; however, this is the only place where an interview can be scheduled. 

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